Are Bamboo Sheets Better than Cotton?

When you think of Egyptian cotton sheets, it's likely you immediately think of luxury and comfort. But, lately, bamboo sheets have been growing in popularity and a lot of claims have been made about whether or not these sheets top those of the Egyptian cotton ilk.

However, when we think of bamboo, we usually think of the stalks, and wonder how on earth that could ever be a comfortable bedding material. Fear not - bamboo sheets are actually made from the leaves that grow alongside bamboo stalks, and are easily transformed into fibers and cloths. Below, we compare bamboo and cotton sheets in all the categories that matter to you getting a good night's rest.

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Environmental Sustainability:

A primary concern about the bamboo sheet industry is "Isn't this environmentally destructive?" Fortunately, the answer is No. Bamboo is able to grow in hot, humid climates, and therefore requires less water than cotton does. It also requires much less acreage than cotton does. Additionally, bamboo grows quickly with little help from people, as opposed to cotton, which takes months to grow, and needs attention from laborers.

In the past, bamboo sheet companies have faced criticism for treating their bamboo fibers chemically, but now almost all bamboo sheet sets are Certified Organic.


Egyptian cotton sheets have a high thread count, usually 1000, making them incredibly soft and even give them a slippery feeling. While bamboo sheets usually have a maximum thread count of 500, the fibers that comprise bamboo sheets are naturally softer, silkier, and "lankier" making bamboo sheets incredibly soft, even more so than cotton.

Watch this video to see why Egyptian cotton​ sheets are better than regular cotton sheet:

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Cotton is the most heavily treated crop that there is, meaning it's laced with pesticides and insecticides from the moment it's planted. Bamboo, however, grows bountifully and naturally, with no chemical interventions. Even better, bamboo is organic and naturally hypoallergenic, so it prevents allergic reactions, and is beneficial to those with lung related issues. Furthermore, bamboo sheets are even anti-bacterial and resist bacteria build-up! Cotton has none of these benefits.


Since bamboo is bacteria resistant, you don't need to worry about sweat or mold accumulating in your sheets. Also, bamboo sheets are moisture-wicking, and won't cling to your body even when sweating during a hot night, and are far more breathable than cotton.


Luxury cotton sheets have a high thread count and are made from long fibers, making them incredibly durable. It's even said that good cotton sheets get better and better in the wash, as it makes them softer and comfier without losing the quality.

Unfortunately, bamboo sheets are of a lower thread count, and need to be treated with care. It must be washed on a delicate cycle, and gently dried or hung to dry. This is because bamboo is a less processed fiber, and therefore can withstand less than the highly treated and processed cotton sheets can.


Bamboo sheets come in a variety of blends, such as 40% bamboo and 60% cotton, and also 100% bamboo. Typically, the higher percentage bamboo, the more expensive the sheets will be, but it is also more likely that they will be organic, too. Quality cotton sheets are almost always 100% cotton. Some people feel it's a scam to buy bamboo sheets that are really more than half cotton. Doesn't that negate the benefits?

The perks of buying blended bamboo sheets is that they still retain many of the amazing properties of bamboo, but make the sheets more durable and equally comfortable. Additionally, a blended set may be cheaper than a pure bamboo sheet set.


With all the benefits of bamboo, you may be wondering if buying bamboo sheets will break the bank. Luckily, they won't! Good cotton sheets, such as the Egyptian cotton ones, are expensive. On average, bamboo sheets are cheaper, as they're much easier and less destructive to produce. To get only the best of the best bamboo sheets, see our top bamboo sheets picks. As said above, a blended bamboo sheet is likely to be less expensive than one that is 100% bamboo.

However, it goes without saying that there are ranges in quality and pricing, and you want to make sure you're getting the best product. When browsing for both types of sheets on the internet, we found some that were at unbelievably low prices... Be careful! Only buy sheets from reliable sources if you're concerned about the quality and benefits good sheets offer.

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