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The benefits of Bamboo shoots to lead a healthier lifestyle!

What are the benefits of Bamboo shoots to a healthier life? What are the nutritional value of Bamboo shoots? Well, the benefits of eating Bamboo include control of bad cholesterol, healthy weight loss, immune system strengthening, anti-inflammatory properties and cancer fighting properties. Bamboo nutritional benefits include being heart friendly, an ample supply of minerals and vitamins, hardly any fat and Bamboo contains a healthy amount of daily fiber a body needs. These are a few of the health benefits of Bamboo shoots.

What are Bamboo shoots?

Bamboo shoots are sprouts which grow beside and around the Bamboo plant. The sprouts are edible and can be prepared in many way, more on this later. The Bamboo plant is a subspecies of grass called Bambusoideae and they are the tallest and largest species of grass in the world. The Chinese Moso Bamboo plant is the fastest of all the 1500+ varieties of Bamboo, it can grow up to 39 inches or 100 centimetres per day. Continue reading

How is Bamboo fabric made from Bamboo fiber?

Is your wardrobe green enough? Do you own eco-friendly products? Are you aware of the eco-friendly health benefits of Bamboo? If the answer to it all is no, don’t fret away! We have a solution for you. None of us wish to be sick or perhaps to fall ill. However, a lot of what we wear or the things we use could affect the environment adversely and cause damage to it and our health as well. Whether it is the fabrics of the clothes we wear or the material of the cloth we use for dusting; all of it is an equal contributor to the damages caused to the environment. Is Bamboo fabric possibly a solution?

However, where there is a will there certainly will be a way or the other. A lot of alternatives are available with respect to the fabrics we use in our daily lives. All of these materials or fabrics are eco-friendly in nature. Whether it is Bamboo, industrial hemp, tencel or wool; you can choose from the many alternatives and play your part in saving the precious environment we live in. Continue reading

Bamboo benefits, the eco-friendly sustainable resource

Bamboo benefits

Bamboo benefits all of us and Bamboo is a very special natural resource. It is fast growing and one of the most important plants in the world. There are over 1200 different species of Bamboo worldwide and they can reach over 98 feet/30m in height. Bamboo has many uses from a raw material to use in rural industries like furniture, handicrafts, utensils, Bamboo sunglasses and a Bamboo house. Bamboo is used in cooking, the shoots are the only part of the plant that is edible and it is a healthy food too. Over 600 million people in the world today generate income from Bamboo and hundreds of millions of people live in a Bamboo house.

Bamboo benefits

Bamboo leaf and canes

Organic Bamboo benefits

The benefits of using Bamboo are that it’s environmentally friendly, organically grown, no fertilizers or pesticides are required. Bamboo is a versatile, renewable and sustainable material that requires hardly any water to grow and can be grown locally without the need to import. Bamboo is a material that breathes naturally and the material consists of very thin threads of fibers. The health benefits of Bamboo are considerable. It is a perfect resource for asthma or lung problem sufferers, it is hypo-allergenic and anti-bacterial.

21st century resource

The combination of being eco-friendly and the health benefits make Bamboo a superb resource for the 21st century. When you compare cotton sheeting and Bamboo sheeting, the benefits are clear. Cotton leaves a footprint to produce and Bamboo does not. We believe at Everything Bamboo that Bamboo at Home makes the ideal choice for you and your family. This is why we have selected the best products to review on this website.

Bamboo benefits

Bamboo canes

Bamboo benefits for home ware

The products that we have reviewed come in a selection of price ranges and are all highly rated. The Bamboo pillow include different shapes, firmness and sizes. The Bamboo sheets reviewed include a selection of colors and dimensions. Bamboo decor will make your home more eco-friendly and items like mattress covers have a variety of foams and gels for the support that you desire of them.

Ideal for allergy sufferers

All Bamboo decor home ware products reviewed are eco-friendly, hypo-allergenic, mould, bacteria and dust mite resistant. Bamboo Home Decor and Bamboo bedding is recommended for allergy sufferers, people with asthma, breathing problems, snoring and sensitive skin.

Bamboo benefits