20 interesting and exciting facts about Bamboo!

Here are 20 interesting Bamboo facts that you may or may not know. These facts about Bamboo have been compiled through a wide range of sources across the internet and to best of my knowledge are factually correct, I hope!

1, Bamboo (Bambusoideae) is actually a plant, a sub species of grass, not a tree as most people assume.

2, Bamboo plants can grow as high as 39 inches or 99 centimetres in 24 hours, that makes it a very fast growing plant and easily renewable.

3, The name Bamboo (bambu) originates from Kannada Indonesian and Malay language, the word was anglicized by the British into the English language.

4, There are over 1,400 different species of Bamboo plants in 115 genera.

5, Bamboo grows on every continent, except Antarctica.

6, Bamboo is anti-bacterial and anti-fungal naturally. The plant does need any pesticides, fertilizers or toxins to grow, making it very eco-friendly.

7, How Strong Is Bamboo, well, Bamboo has a higher strength than steel, 28,000 tensile strength per square inch vs steel being 23,000 tensile strength per square inch.

8, The first light bulb used a Bamboo filament, this was Thomas Edison’s first successful attempt.

9, Bamboo was the material used for the phonographic needle by Graham Alexander Bell.

10, A Bamboo house is used by over 1 billion people to live in.

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11, Bamboo releases over 30% more oxygen than a mass of trees into the atmosphere, this is due to the amount carbon dioxide that Bamboo absorbs.

12, A bamboo plant prevents soil erosion, in fact the root keeps on growing after harvesting. When a forest in cleared, the soil is exposed to the elements.

13, Bamboo is a versatile plant that can grow in all sorts of soil types and conditions.

14, Bamboo has natural deodorizing properties. Bamboo charcoal is used as deodorizer in items such as, Bamboo deodorant, Bamboo shoe insoles, Bamboo linens, , Bamboo mattresses, Bamboo sheets, Bamboo pillow, Bamboo socks and Bamboo shirts.

15, Bamboo fiber is naturally breathable and absorbent, even when Bamboo material is moist, it does not cling to the body.

16, Bamboo fiber naturally sustains body temperature, it cools you down when you are hot and keep you warm when it’s cold.

17, Bamboo is used as a food source. Bamboo shoots have been used in Asian cuisine for 1000’s of years. The shoots are low in calories and fat, they can provide 10% of your daily intake of potassium and fiber.

18, The only plant to survive the nuclear bomb blast on Hiroshima was Bamboo, one Bamboo managed to survive the intense heat.

19, The ornamental house plant called Lucky Bamboo, is not from the Bamboo species, it is from the Dracaena braunii family.

20, Bamboo has used in ancient medicine for 1000’s of years, especially with Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine.

Bamboo facts

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Bamboo facts, the end!

I hope you loved our top 20 Bamboo facts. If you have more ideas regarding bamboo facts, let us know and we will include them in the article.
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Kandas - January 9, 2016

Ahh man… I thought Lucky Bamboo was really bamboo and I bought some to add oxygen to the house. I guess I need to get a bamboo “tree”. I love to crochet with bamboo yarn. It is so light and soft.

Andrea - January 9, 2016

I did enjoy these. Especially #13 and #14.

Martha - January 9, 2016

Great article! I love how soft towels and baby blankets are when made from natural bamboo.

Jennifer Bay - January 10, 2016

Great facts, I absolutely love Bamboo, and it was so nice to learn these interesting new facts.

Carol Graham - January 10, 2016

These were so interesting — many of them I was already aware of but I especially liked numbers 4, 5, and 8


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