10 Bamboo benefits for health you have to know

What are the Bamboo health benefits to live a healthier lifestyle?

We have compiled a list of 10 things that are good for inside your body and good for outside your body. Everyone is looking at ways to be healthier and Bamboo can help you to achieve that dream!

1, Natural fibers such as wool many people find that they are allergic to, in comparison Bamboo has far fewer allergic reactions. Lanolin is cause of many of the wool allergies and this absent from products made from Bamboo.

2, Bamboo has a superb wicking ability that draws moisture away from the skin and this prevents the wet skin from building up bacterial colonies. Another important benefit is that the wet skin does not develop rashes when irritated.

3, Kun is a natural property of Bamboo that kills 70% of bacteria that tries to incubate on the Bamboo, this is applies to it’s natural form or in fabric. All of this makes Bamboo naturally anti-bacterial.

4, Instead of using deodorizers which are produced from chemicals to smell nice and pleasant, why not use Bamboo clothing and take advantage of the natural deodorizing properties that Bamboo has in the fabric.

5, Bamboo fabric clothing is naturally breathable and even when the body is sweating heavily the fabric will not cling to the body. Using a Bamboo mattress, Bamboo pillow and Bamboo sheets will encourage a good night’s sleep.

Bamboo health benefits

Bamboo fiber

6, Bamboo sustains temperature fairly well, it will keep you warm when its cold and it will keep you cool when it’s hot. A good body temperature is important to leading a healthy lifestyle.

7, Another health benefit from wearing Bamboo fabric is that helps with circulation in the body. When you wear Bamboo clothing the Bamboo molecules take in energy from the Earth’s atmosphere and transfer it into energy that promotes cell activation and healthy circulation.

8, Do you know why beach huts are made from Bamboo? It’s because Bamboo can naturally block ultraviolet rays which can be harmful in strong sunlight. The same applies to a Bamboo house that is made from a renewable material.

Bamboo health benefits

Bamboo shoots

9, Have you ever tried eating Bamboo shoots? Bamboo shoots are low in calories and low in fat, these can be part of a healthy diet eating. There are many benefits of Bamboo leaves that can lead to a healthier lifestyle.

10, Bamboo shoots are a superb source of two nutrients that the human body needs. Fiber and potassium are both present in Bamboo shoots and they can provide 10% of the fiber that a human body needs per day.

Bamboo benefits

There are many health benefits that Bamboo has to offer from clothing that has fewer allergic reactions. The anti-bacterial properties to a natural deodorizer to cut down on the use of chemicals. The benefits of eating Bamboo, such as shoots are widely known in Asia and Southeast Asia, it is certainly good enough for the giant Panda for its staple diet!

Bamboo health benefits, the end!

Hopefully the 10 Bamboo health benefits was a good read for you and you will continue to browse and read more articles.

Jennifer Miller

Chief editor here at Everything Bamboo, I'm a proud mother of three passionate about the environment and ways to live healthier!