Bamboo vs Silk Bedding – Which one is Better?

Many people are going to be debating the relative merits of bamboo vs. silk bedding. Both bedding types tend to attract similar customers. Both groups of customers are going to want to try fabrics that aren't necessarily what everyone else will try, since cotton and polyester are more commonly used.

Both groups of customers are also going to want fabrics that are very smooth to the touch, and bamboo and silk fabrics both qualify. It's worth looking at the benefits associated with silk and bamboo, as well as the potential challenges associated with caring for them.


When it comes to price, it's hard to beat bamboo, especially compared with silk. Bamboo is just the sort of material that is going to be environmentally friendly. Bamboo is a grass that is capable of growing in large quantities with comparatively few inputs. It doesn't take much to produce a bamboo comforter.

Manufacturers need 12,000 cocoons for a single silk comforter, which is represented by one silkworm per cocoon. Harvesting the material in the first place is difficult, and actually manufacturing the product is not much easier. When it comes to environmental responsibility, there is really no beating something like a set of bamboo sheets, and people who really care about being as socially responsible as possible with their purchases are going to gravitate towards bamboo as a matter of course. The fact that silk is not sustainable is partly the point of it for a lot of people, however, so this might just be a matter of differing priorities as opposed to an actual drawback in some cases.

Bamboo is comparable to silk in terms of the texture. They are both very soft and luxurious. However, with bamboo, people are going to get that luxury with fewer inputs. Bamboo bedding tends to be made with few toxins than the cotton ones. They are also going to be better when it comes to allergies. In this regard, bamboo sheets and silk sheets have a lot in common.

Bamboo is actually fairly durable, even though this is going to surprise a lot of people and even though people are going to need to take some precautions when it comes to caring for bamboo sheets. If the bamboo sheets are cared for correctly, they are going to last for a long time.

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Some people who have dust mite allergies are going to covet silk bedding for purely practical reasons. People who are in this situation are going to truly thrive, because silk bedding has a tendency to resist dust mite infections naturally. A lot of people who are in this situation are going to find it that much easier for them to actually enjoy their bedding.

Silk sheets are even more high-maintenance than bamboo sheets, and both of them are more high-maintenance than cotton or polyester sheets. Silk sheets require so much care and upkeep that some people are going to find them frustrating to use. Of course, all of this care and upkeep actually helps to make silk such a desired item in the first place, since it all allows people to indulge themselves so much.

In some cases, when it comes to luxury, silk just manages to benefit from the fact that it is so established. People who are interested in conspicuous consumption are going to have an easier time getting a lot of mileage out of the use of silk. These people are going to be entering into a tradition that has lasted for so long that they will feel that they are truly a part of history.

Bamboo sheets are going to be too new for a lot of people. The fact that bamboo sheets are new, trendy, environmentally friendly, and that they seem to be emblematic of twenty-first century fashion should appeal to some people. Other people are going to find that silk is better specifically because of the mysticism surrounding it and its historicity.

So which one is better bamboo or silk fabric?

People are going to have to decide what matters to them. Some people are going to prefer the modern environmental approach with bamboo and some people will prefer the classic traditionalism of silk. Silk is a traditional item that signifies conspicuous consumption, while bamboo is a more practical item that still feels luxurious. If you prefer bamboo sheets take a look at ´╗┐´╗┐this page and read our reviews and buyer's guide to help you choose the right one.

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