How to Care for Your Bamboo Sheets

Knowing how to care for your bamboo sheets is essential, and a lot of the people who have owned bamboo sheets for the first time might not be aware of everything that's different about caring for bamboo sheets. Before buying your own sheets, read this article to figure out, if bamboo sheets are really good value for money. People will develop their own habits when it comes to washing various items, and they might adapt those habits to the washing of bamboo sheets. Bamboo is going to respond to all manner of stimuli differently than other fabrics, and it is important to treat bamboo sheets correctly.

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Washing Bamboo Sheets

For one thing, it is a good idea to wash bamboo sheets before putting them on a bed in the first place. They might be slightly over-sized, because manufacturers are trying to account for the fact that they are probably going to shrink slightly during the washing process anyway. It's also generally a good idea to do this with all fabrics and all new personal items. These kinds of items might have some toxins or germs that need to be washed off, even when it comes to sheets that were designed to be anti-microbial.

It's a good idea to wash bamboo sheets in cool water. People who use bamboo sheets are probably going to have environmentally friendly detergent around the house anyway, and mild environmentally friendly detergent is probably the best stuff that people can use for bamboo sheets.

washed bamboo sheets

It's important to wash bamboo sheets in a mild cycle. Also, while a lot of people will wash their sheets with other items at the same time, this is not a good idea when it comes to bamboo sheets. In all likelihood, washing lots of fabrics with bamboo sheets is just going to place too much stress on the fabrics, and this is ultimately going to cause more damage than it's worth.

Adding baking soda to the wash cycle is going to go a long way towards replacing bleach and fabric softener, neither of which should be used during the washing of bamboo sheets. Both of these chemical combinations are going to be too rough on bamboo sheets.

Some people prefer washing their bamboo sheets by hand, which is often a good idea. However, it isn't essential. People can get away with using the washing machine as long as they are able to use the right detergent and the right settings.

Drying Bamboo Sheets

Air drying bamboo sheets is the ideal. People don't necessarily have to hang everything out on the clotheslines in order to air dry anything. It is possible to just air dry something indoors. However, some people might want to dry everything more quickly in a dryer, and this can work just as well. Air drying does take a long time, and it is not always the most efficient choice.

However, it's important to dry bamboo sheets on a very low setting. Nothing else should be drying with the bamboo sheets either. It's also a good idea to dry the bamboo sheets fairly quickly and to remove them from the dryer just as quickly.

Ironing Bamboo Sheets

Most people don't care as much about ironing these days, which is a chore that is performed much less frequently in the modern world. However, some people still really love ironing, including ironed sheets. Steam cleaning is more common than traditional ironing today. While steam cleaning is going to work very well in most cases, it is not a good idea with bamboo sheets. Using a more traditional iron with a very low heat setting is actually a better idea.

Storing Bamboo Sheets

Storing bamboo sheets is generally going to be easy. People are just going to need to make sure that the sheets are not too close to a radiator or some other source of heat. Heat is going to potentially damage the bamboo fibers, and this could have an effect on how long the sheets are going to last.

Bamboo sheets are going to work best in the areas that aren't especially close to water heaters either. Essentially, it's important to try to make sure that the bamboo sheets are in an area that is going to stay within a fairly narrow temperature change, or people are usually going to run into problems.

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